Bathroom Remodeling Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Bathroom Remodeling

At Bath Pros of Long Island, we receive a lot of frequently asked questions about bathroom remodeling.  Many FAQ revolve around the timing and cost.  The information below should answer most of the frequently asked questions about getting a one day bathroom installed on Long Island!

How long does bathroom remodeling take?

Most jobs can be performed in a day! That’s right. If we use the Kohler Marble panels or other maintenance free man made products we can usually finish the shower/tub area in just one day!

This includes a full gut and rip of the wet area…We will remove the tub or shower, drain assembly, the tile walls with sheetrock, shower body (faucet) and shower doors.

We will first inspect for mold or mildew concerns, then install a new tub or shower pan, replace the plumbing fixtures, install waterproof sheetrock, your choice of maintenance free wall system, choice of shower caddy and grab bar and new shower doors. All in one day!

Imagine going to work in the morning with an old shower only to come home to a brand new, beautiful and fully functioning shower that will always look that way… and be super simple to clean?

Of course if you choose to use tile instead the nature of the construction will range anywhere from 5 days to two weeks depending on the scope of work.

Will my house be disrupted with dust everywhere?

As professionals we strive to make sure nothing in your home gets disrupted. That means using drop clothes liberally during your bathroom remodeling as well as covering furniture and doors with plastic to keep dust to a minimum. We also use Rosen paper where needed to cover and protect hardwood floors and stairways.

How much will bathroom remodeling on Long Island cost?

The National Average for bathroom remodeling can cost anywhere from 14k-18k. Our projects on Long Island generally come in under that figure. We use high quality materials, and have lowered our installation costs by making our process so efficient.  In  the end, your bathroom remodeling project on Long Island costs less!

However, it is all contingent on the scope of work. Our projects range from a One Day bathroom remodel of the tub and shower area to full Gut and Rip out re-design of the bath area.

Regardless of the scope of work, what you as the consumer should hope to get is the right value for the right amount of money. Here is where we excel. We over deliver on value between our materials, to our workmanship, to our ease of communication, to our quick response to a question or a need. Often times consumers forget how important that can be when hiring a contractor. The cheap price usually fades into the sunset as soon as the check gets cashed and you cannot get the company on the phone to address issues. Don’t fall pray to this!!

Bath Pros will give you the value you want at the price you deserve. We offer financing and we also offer special incentives to first responders, military personnel and of course our beloved Senior Citizens.

How do I clean it?

When it comes to caring for our maintenance-free bathroom systems, nothing could be simpler. Generally, anything in a spray bottle will do. Vinegar based products work especially well.

However, never anything too abrasive, you don’t want to dull or scratch the beautiful luster and shine of the material.

Not sure if I should go with Tile or a Maintenance-free product?

When it comes to choosing the right product for you new bathroom it comes down to a few questions. What do you like? How do you want it to look? How often do you clean your bathroom? Is mold or mildew a concern? and of course…what is your budget?

Something to consider however, is that although tile looks great it is not the ideal product to install into a wet bath environment. Since it is porous, often times it can stain, fade, discolor and water can get behind it causing damage. It can also lead to mold or mildew issues. Tile, however, is a great look outside the wet area and we encourage that. Also, since tile is labor intensive it can cost more as it takes more time to install. However, it does look great and if your budget allows, certainly we can make that an option.

I’ve been thinking about doing my bathroom for years and still haven’t done anything?

Believe it or not this is very common. Often times people in their confusion about what to do end up doing nothing. And exactly for the right reasons. Analysis paralysis is another way of phrasing it.

Bath Pros takes the confusion out of bathroom remodeling. We empower the consumer with alternatives to fit their need, lifestyle and budget. Call us today to book a hassle free appointment!

What’s kept you from doing something with your bath? money? timing? life events?

Sometimes life gets in the way. That’s for sure living here on Long Island can keep you very busy. However, with our flexible scheduling system we can accommodate most people’s busy schedules. We can give you a new bath area in as little as a day or full scale remodel depending on what your needs allow.

Other than money, what would keep you from doing something with your bath?

Money is generally the main reason people can’t move forward with their much needed bathroom remodeling project. However, with Bath Pros we offer financing to make getting your bathroom done affordable for everyone. We also accept most major Credit Cards, including those offering awards points.

Regardless of what you do, you definitely want to do something with your bathroom?

This is the key question. After you made the decision to do your bathroom over the next decsion is, “Ok, now what do we do?” Well… that’s where Bath Pros comes in. Let us show you what we can do, discuss with you your many options and discuss financing terms to make it all a very enjoyable process.

Is Financing Available?

We offer financing that allows you to get the bathroom you want within your budget We make special accommodations for Seniors as well as active, inactive and retired military personnel.