New Shower Doors

Install New Shower Doors for that
Beautiful Look in Your Long Island Home

We were renovating the shower area, one of the things to pay close attention to is your choice of shower doors.

Today there are more options than ever. From wraparound doors to curved doors, barn doors and more, the shower doors really finish off your bathroom with a unique look.

At Bath Pros of Long Island, we work with the homeowner to find the exact look he or she is looking for. We show you all the options from our trusted manufacturers. Once you choose, we will install it as part of your one day or full bathroom remodeling.


Get Shower Doors Installed Quickly & Professionally

Most of our bathroom remodeling projects are one-day projects, including the installation of the shower doors. In one day, we rip out the old shower, bathtub, doors and hardware. We immediately begin the prep work and install the new shower body, bathtub, shower doors and hardware – all in the same day!

Of course, if you want a custom bathroom remodeling job, where we rip the entire room to the studs, that will take longer – but still much faster than other contractors!

When we install the new shower doors, we ensure that everything fits well, water stays where it is supposed to stay, and all of the hinges and hardware function properly.

And remember, our trained professionals can get this all done in just one day!

Have You Thought about Installing
a Complete Bath and Shower System?

We typically install new shower doors as part of a new bath and shower or just shower system. This includes not only the tub or shower base, but the doors, hardware and inside finishing.

Today’s systems include walls that are virtually maintenance-free and provide the beautiful look of stonework or other materials.

Bathroom experts will sit with you, review your options, show you all of the latest designs available from top manufacturers, and help you choose the option that’s right for you, your family and your budget.


Call Today to Speak with Our Experienced
Long Island Bathroom Designers!

If you would like more information, please call the experts at Bath Pros of Long Island now. We are here to help you and your family find the right options for your goals and budgets.

Unlike other installers, we do not command representing a single manufacturer trying to sell you a particular product. We speak with you, we learn what it is that you want from your bathroom, and show you the best options.

From there, you choose how to proceed – if at all. No high-pressure sales or tactics. We pride ourselves as professionals and carry that professional approach to every homeowner we meet.

You can schedule an appointment now to speak with one of our bathroom designers. Will provide you a complete written quote, at no charge with no risk or obligation.

If you choose to move forward, we will order materials quickly and schedule your project as soon as possible.

Call us today at (631) 617-5959 to schedule your no-risk, no-obligation appointment.


Financing Is Available

We offer financing that allows you to get the bathroom you want within your budget.

We make special accommodations for Seniors as well as active, inactive and retired military personnel.

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