One-Day Bathrooms on Long Island

New Bathrooms on Long Island in One Day!

So, we can agree…you’re tired of looking at that old tub or shower. Worse, getting into it can be difficult if not down right scary.  One day bathrooms are for you!

Do you feel embarrassed when company comes over? Dreading the thought of them seeing your bathroom?

Well, don’t fret, Bath Pros of Long Island can totally transform the look of your bathroom – with a complete one day bathroom makeover.


Avoid Long Bathroom Renovation Construction Projects

So many people want the look of a new bathroom without the long construction cycle with some renovation companies.

Some rip out the bathroom and come back a week later. They install the tub and come back a week later. They tile and come back, etc. etc. etc.

With our one-day bathroom systems, you receive a beautiful bathroom without the inconvenience and the interruption to your family.

Most Bathroom Renovations Do Not Require a Full Rip Out

In most cases, your bathroom remodeling does not require a full rip out. Here on Long Island, most bathrooms are well-built and can be renovated quickly.

By coming in with the team that has all of the parts, experience and knowledge, we can rip out and replace your tub and shower.  With our one day bathrooms, we install a new system including the tub or shower base, doors, walls, faucets and showerheads in one day.


Convert Difficult Tubs to Easy Showers

So many people have bath tubs that are difficult getting into. Let Bath Pros convert it to a full shower for you.

There’s no reason to fear taking a bath or shower, let Bath Pros help you to fall in love with your bathroom all over again.

Maintenance Free Bath Systems

We offer several selections of maintenance free bath systems that not only look beautiful but also are super simple to clean. And, since they’re non-porous, they are mold and mildew resistant.

The best part is that we can install it all in just one day! This means you save money from having to do an expensive tile job!

Let us show you our beautiful selection of styles and colors. Book a free consultation today, and find out how easy it is to get one day bathrooms installed in your home.

One-Day Bathroom

Financing Is Available

We offer financing that allows you to get the bathroom you want within your budget.

We make special accommodations for Seniors as well as active, inactive and retired military personnel.

Call Bath Pros of Long Island Today for a Free Consultation

If you are seriously considering renovating your bathroom, please call Bath Pros of Long Island today. Our experts have decades of experience to design and install the bathroom you have wanted.

At Bath Pros, our trained professionals will be in and out in one day, giving you the new bathroom that you desire. Our team is courteous, responsible and careful with your home.

Do you want to lose use of your bathroom for weeks? Do you want to deal with an unpredictable contractor who may or may not show up for days at a time?

With Bath Pros of Long Island, he will come and get the job completed in one day. Call us today for a free no risk consultation!