Value vs. Cost in Bathroom Remodeling


Value vs. Cost – Choosing the Right Bathroom

As far as home improvement projects go, bathrooms return on average 89% ROI. They have the highest return of any other room in the house!

When people say, “It will cost X to complete this project” the reality is that the bathroom projects are the ones that add the most value to your home.

A High Quality Bathroom Remodeling Project will Increase the Value of Your Home

A bathroom remodeling project done right will pay by giving you a greater return on your investment by increasing the value of your home.

Of course, the job needs to be done by experts who install with high quality materials and fixtures. You need to be left with an attractive bathroom that is visually appealing and functional.

Unfortunately, too many people are lured to a cheap price that leads to a poor job and a failed outcome. The cheap renovations often need to be redone. They throw good money after bad.

Your Goal – Do Your Bathroom Remodeling Once, Do It Right

So, what should be your goal? Whether you’re selling the home or plan on living there long term, your goal should be to do it once and do it right! Sacrificing quality for price never leads to a happy ending.

Focus On Getting A Good Value

Who doesn’t want good value? “Good value” is the intersection between good materials, great workmanship, great customer care and a fair price. For the record, you can’t have the best materials, the best workmanship and best customer care at the cheapest price. There is a reason some people charge so much less. Good quality materials cost the same with all contractors, so if they are charging you less, it means you’re getting less.

You should be focused on finding a great value with high quality work that will look beautiful for years. To find a great value, you need great product and service at a fair price. At Bath Pros we strive to offer you just that – a great value!

Great work, with the best materials at a value oriented price. That’s what we deliver.


Financing Is Available for Your Bathroom Renovation

We offer financing that allows you to get the bathroom you want within your budget. We make special accommodations for Seniors as well as active, inactive and retired military personnel.

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