Why Bath Pros?

Professionally Designed & Installed Bathrooms on Long Island

Let’s face it. You’ve looked at your bathroom a thousand times and said, “I hate this bathroom! We have to do something with this bathroom. It’s outdated, I’m tired of cleaning it. The grout is stained, the silicone is black and we have company coming over in…?”

Sound like you?

Now, maybe you said those exact words, or maybe something different, but regardless you can relate to the feeling of hating your bathroom.

So, what do you do when it is time to redo your bathroom? Do you do it yourself? Can you do it yourself? Do you have the time? Do you have a relative? A friend? Will they really be available to do the work?

Should you hire a contractor from the Pennysaver?

What if they don’t understand what you really want? What if they start and don’t come back? What if they do a bad job? Take advantage of you?

All of these and more are real concerns for homeowners. And everyone has or knows of a story of a “bad” home improvement project. So what should you do?


Work with Bath Pros, the Right Company Dedicated to Bathrooms

Well, you start with hiring the right company. A company that can deliver on doing what it says it will do.

At Bath Pros, we start by listening to our customers. Asking the right questions and sharing the right advice.

What do YOU want to achieve?

  • Is it a reconfiguration or just a direct replacement?
  • Do you just need to address the shower area, the “wet” area?
  • Do you just need to address the aesthetics with a newer look?
  • Do you need to convert from a tub to a shower for health concerns, or do you want a shower base with a integral seat?
  • Is the bathroom structurally sound, or do you need a full gut, down to the studs remodeling?

At Bath Pros, we have you covered. Our bathrooms range from One Day bathroom remodels to full custom design jobs.

All work is done within your budget.

One Day Tub & Shower Replacements

We specialize in One Day bathroom remodels, using our Kohler maintenance free marble composite wall systems and other top quality products.

In one day we can remove and replace your tub, shower and wall system, giving you a brand new bath & shower area. Yes, in one day!

We have several brands of maintenance free wall systems. Beautiful, yet durable enough to stand up the harsh shower environment. Guaranteed not to collect mold or mildew.

They won’t stain or fade, peel or chip… how it looks once we install, is how it will look forever. A far superior material to tile and grout and a much better way of protecting your investment.


Full Bathroom Renovation Projects

Do you want to gut the bathroom down to the studs? No problem, we can do this too. A large number of our clients want us to perform a complete renovation. Our trained experts will:

  • rewire the electric for lighting and exhaust,
  • replumb for new fixtures,
  • install the perfect shower head system
  • do a mud job for your tile floor,
  • sheetrock the walls and ceiling with bathroom / moisture rated materials
  • install vanities, light fixtures, toilets, etc.
  • decorate with wainscoting or other trim you may wish to add

Financing Is Available

We offer financing that allows you to get the bathroom you want within your budget.

We make special accommodations for Seniors as well as active, inactive and retired military personnel.

One Day Bathroom Installation Experts

One of the reasons why so many people love working with the team at Bath Pros of LI is our commitment to completing your bathroom project as quickly as possible. More than 80% of our jobs are one day bathrooms. After all, no one wants a drawn out project!

With our proprietary process, we are able to come in, remove your old tub or shower and fixtures, and replace everything the same day. No waiting for re-glazing’s to dry (and bubble up in a year or two), no problems with old materials that are made to look new but in reality are dated and weak.

Not only do you get a new bathroom fast, but you get all new fresh materials that will last for years to come!

Call the professionals at Bath Pros of Long Island now, at (631) 617-5959.